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Live Wedding Painting 

Nashville Wedding Painter

Choosing Christina as your wedding painter is an investment. Turn your special day into a living masterpiece! With over a decade of professional experience, Christina brings a wealth of expertise and a unique artistic flair to each event. 

Hiring a wedding painter for your Nashville celebration adds a distinctive and memorable touch to your special day.

Beyond her impressive credentials, Christina's live painting adds an interactive and entertaining element to your wedding. She arrives well in advance, ensuring a seamless setup, and begins sketching out the background, creating a personalized touch to the painting. As guests arrive, Christina skillfully photographs and paints featured individuals, including the bride and groom, adding a dynamic and captivating element to the celebration.

 Christinas Pappion has been featured on platforms like the NFL/NBA network, The Knot, and Martha Stewart Weddings. By hiring Christina, you not only secure a talented artist but also a storyteller who weaves emotions onto canvas, creating a cherished visual narrative of your wedding day. With a commitment to making people feel special and a dedication to capturing the essence of each moment, Christina Pappion is the ideal choice to transform your wedding into an extraordinary and unforgettable work of art.



Christina takes a proactive approach to ensure a seamless live painting experience at your event. Arriving approximately two hours in advance, she dedicates this time to gathering essential information, capturing reference pictures, and commencing the setup process. During this preparatory phase, Christina meticulously sketches the background, laying the foundation for the vibrant masterpiece that will unfold throughout your celebration. This early arrival not only showcases her dedication to creating a personalized and visually stunning artwork but also allows her to immerse herself in the event's atmosphere, ensuring every brushstroke captures the unique essence of your special day.


Crafting a masterpiece is a collaborative journey with Christina at the helm, working seamlessly with clients to bring their vision to life. Guests become enchanted spectators as the painting evolves, transforming from a blank canvas into a detailed masterpiece adorned with intricate wedding decor and beloved faces. It's not just entertainment; it's a captivating experience that unfolds before their eyes. Christina's ability to capture the essence of the event ensures that the final artwork becomes a tangible celebration, filled with the warmth of recognizable loved ones and the unique charm of your special day. The live painting transcends traditional entertainment, becoming a cherished and dynamic element that elevates the entire wedding experience.


What People Say..



Y'all... I cannot put into words the MAGIC that Christina works with that brush.


IMG_8792 2.JPG


I appreciated her flexibility and overall kindness. She made the process feel effortless.




Her attention to details while creating a live paint at our wedding had our guest in awe.



Frequently Asked

Unlocking the details you need! Curious about my packages? They start at $2,850 and vary based on three factors: the number of featured individuals, the duration of the painting process, and the size of the canvas.

Who gets the spotlight? That's entirely up to you! Share your preferences, specify the level of detail you desire, and I'll craft a custom quote tailored to your vision.

Wondering about the headcount? I can feature up to 14 people in a single painting, ensuring everyone special to you makes it onto the canvas.

Ready to dive in? Drop me an email with your event date and location. Upon availability, I'll promptly share detailed packages and pricing to suit your needs.

Take it home? Depending on your package and the time needed for the masterpiece, arrangements can be made.

Securing the date: To book your slot, a deposit of $450 is required, accompanied by a straightforward agreement.

Timing is key: I'm almost fully booked for 2023 and currently open for bookings in 2024. Act fast to secure your spot!

Travel plans: I'm ready to paint anywhere in the United States. While international travel isn't on the table right now, your domestic event is within my reach.

Memories that matter: Absolutely, I can paint deceased relatives, adding a special touch to your experience. Pets, including dogs, can also be beautifully integrated into the canvas.

Finalizing the deal: Once we've tailored the perfect package, expect a personalized agreement, along with options to handle your deposit securely. Let's make your event an artful masterpiece!

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