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What is a commission and how does it work?

I actually do two kinds of commissions and soon it will be three.

  1. Digital Commission Prints and Downloads ( digitally painted on the computer)

  2. Acrylic Paintings

  3. Coming soon...watercolor hand paintings

What is the difference?

  1. Digital Commission Prints

This option looks more real than a painting but still has a painting effect. See below. I offer many different versions of this currently and am attaching examples.

I currently offer the following in my Etsy shop:

Digital Offerings: Dog Portrait , Family Portrait ( including adding deceased family members, Home Watercolor Like Portrait, Custom Guestbook, Our Love Story Map, Children Portrait, etc.

I can also print any work that you see on ETSY on a larger scale. Click here to check out some recent large scale prints I created for Iberia Bank in New Orleans, LA.

The Digital option can come in two ways: either a print or digital download.

For the print you can get a canvas or paper print and for the digital download you download the file on your computer and print either at home or your local print shop.

All of the grandparents in the photo below are deceased and garments and stance is created digitally. This photo in reality never took place, but thankfully I was able to make it happy with God's grace.

Once you send over the idea and the image, I will work on a proof and email that proof. Once you approve, it will either be sent back to you in a file or to my printer who will remain nameless :)

2. Acrylic Paintings

This is an original handpainting created by Christina. The timeline for portrait painting once supplies are purchased is about two to three weeks.

There is a constant dialogue and the client is very involved in the process.

A deposit is needed to begin. Please email for more information.

How to choose which one is best for you?

Now this is a tough one. This is for you to choose. But I will say the digital is the more inexpensive and faster option. The handpainting is an investment that is totally unique and can not be redone. Both will be awesome, so the choice is yours. Just choose me:) haahahahahhaha

I have a lot of my work on ETSY:

You may ask why I do this.

"You have a website so why not post here ":

  • It is better for me to have one location for my art not multiple

  • ETSY has a larger is global

  • I just love ETSY:)

I would love, love, love to work with you on a custom piece that makes you super happy. Remember, if you want something I have in my ETSY shop bigger than you see listed, I can do custom sizes up to 40 inch by 60inch, not to mention paint a cool scene for an original portrait or mural! The sky is the limit!

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