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What is new in your Etsy shop?

With all of the new things you can add to your event or wedding, it is easy to get lost in the sauce trying to figure out what to add and what to take out.

With COVID, I think we are realizing how important moments are. So, I got to thinking. I think it is important we create a daily visual reminder of the moment God made us smile. So this is a tangible thought turned into a creative conceptual piece of artwork.

What is this?

Well, this my dear is a A Love Story map. Basically it is all of the important things and places that make up your life and how you met...

The art print is created digitally and is printed on either canvas or paper.



When selecting art for your home, make sure it is something that tells a story of your love for each other. When you pass by it you will always remember what drew you together.


Here’s what I need from you to get this started:

  1. Favorite High Res pic of couple. Close up preferred.

  2. Pictures of pets and important places.

  3. Include wedding date and names.

  4. Also include notes on these places like we met at the Bulldog Bar, and he said,

" I love you on the airplane to Cancun", etc.

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. You will see more work and really get in the know to what I am working on next!


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