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My wedding already happened before live painting was a thing. Do you happen to paint from a photos.

I do and I absolutely love it so much. Here are some examples of some recent paintings I have completed as gifts:)

I call these wedding recreations and I do them quite often. I love it! Email me for pricing information and how to get this process started.

I really love how these turn out because I am able to use my creativity in the most unique way. I feel so alive when I am doing these, like the paintbrush is actually dancing.

Let's face it sometimes we need time to figure out what we really want. This is a great option for those of us who just need a cup of coffee and some time:)

I loved this one. It was gigantic like a 36 x 48, so beautiful and a stunning centerpiece of their home. They wanted to do something different for their 5 year anniversary. They decided to buy this as their gift to each other.

Email me so we can discuss your painting.


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