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Now selling!!! Personalized Tumblers

What a great way to remember your special day! Work with Christina to create your custom wedding art.

How does it work:

  1. Order a custom guestbook using your photos to create a design. Send your favorite engagement full body photo, wedding outfits, and background.

  2. Once this is ordered And approved Christina will use this image for your personalized tumbler!

The custom guestbook comes with certain packages or you can order the guestbook separately.

How much:

The guestbook comes in two sizes. 16 x 20 inch paper print for $185 and 18 x 24 paper print for $200. Shipping and tax not included.

The custom 20 oz tumbler is only $45!! It also comes with a stainless steel straw.

How to order:

Click the link to order.

The tumbler is a great idea for a bride or groom gift. Order yours now!!!!


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