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#LiveWeddingPainter and #ReceptionArtist #ChristinaPappion loves to paint live and travel around the country. She is a #NewOrleansArtist who shares her love for color in many artistic forms.

This #livepainting was a great #weddingidea for this #bride and #groom! I loved how the outdoor elements were a part of every part of their decor. This has to be one of my favorite venues....EVER!

Yesterday night, I had the opportunity to paint at one of my favorite outdoor #NewOrleans venues. I go to so many throughout the year, but this place always makes me feel right at home. The smell of the flowers and the large oaks stand with such majesty. The #beautiful black iron fountain calmly sings a lullaby in the night air when the white magnolias dance on the tree tops. In the background you hear a faint sound of a #trolley bell and you realize then you are not dreaming but you are in the fascinating landscape of #NOLA.

This #painting was a custom package. The client wanted the bride and groom alone painted. And I was a little worried when I first go the call, because with such a large canvas it is easy for the figures to get lost in what could be chaos.

There is a fine line we have to paint as an artist, we want to add every element that makes that moment beautiful and super special. But we also what to make sure we dont make up to much and it still fells like the space we are in. We also want to make sure the bride and groom are always the most important feature in the entire painting, and sometimes a beautiful bold location can compete.

I pray and God shows me what to paint. I am thankful for the gift He has given me and I am thankful to share it with others.

Check out the #livepainting #timelapse here and watch the video of me painting it live!

Thank you to @grandeventsnola for all of your hard work and for organizing and planning such a beautiful event. And thank you to the clients, I am so appreciative for the opportunity and I pray that this canvas blesses you and your loved ones for many years to come.

#elmsmansion I can to wait to come back to your beautiful venue!

#livepaintingnearme Christina goes everywhere and will paint your first dance and/ or ceremony from start to finish. Christina is a live wedding artist, live painter, New Orleans Artist, Live Wedding Artist


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