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A Chicago Wedding Painting

Hello Friends,

Yes, I am a Chicago Wedding Painter. See below how the painting unfolded and comment below on your thoughts.

Check out this Chicago Wedding Painting of the bride and groom at the Armour House in Chicago, IL. And also find out some more about what happened that weekend:)

I love going to Chicago! I have been there so often I consider myself a #chicagoweddingpainter. I have been to three different areas in Chicago this year, and I wanted to just think back on the first time I painted there!

Well, the wedding was happening the day after my birthday so we decided to make it a family trip, which was awesome.

At the time I was homeschooling two girls and I thought this trip was be perfect for us. The girls needed a field trip, and what a place to explore. So we did some learning off Chicago history before we went to get them excited and also to educate the adults, and what a trip was!

First stop was to view the magnificent sky scrapers on a water boat architecture cruise. The weather was windy and beautiful the Navy Pier was everything we heard about and more! the girls loved this. Next stop we got an authentic Chicago pizza. next stop was for Mommie on her birthday to see the largest museum with the greatest works ever made the Chicago Museum of Art. They love the miniature section so much. Thank you Chicago for that.

next up we went to a Cubs game for dad and had an authentic Chicago dog! Our lives will never be the same when eating a hot dog at another baseball park or recreational game!

What a trip, and to top it all I got to go to this beautiful state and do what I loved most, which is paint live for a couple that is maddly in love with each other.

I love LOVE. I cry at the weddings, and it makes so happy to be able to explore new things that I have read about in person!

So for this wedding I got to create not only a beautiful painting in front of guests which you can see below. But I also got chance to create a Love Story Map which was displayed at Nichole's shower. How nice! This way people got to see all the details of their relationship and it was colorful and fun, just like them.

You know I never knew I wanted to travel. I thought that painting in my small town was just enough. I thought that everyone had seen a live painting before, because it si so popular where I live. But I realized I needed it. It helped shift my perspective, meet new people, explore new places, and verify that reading is fundamental.

When I started traveling I found that the world needed to see my art. Not just where I lived but all over.

Spreading love and art, is my mission and I am so glad God took me to Chicago to do it. Thank you Lord for the open doors and opportunity. I will never forget the doors you have opened. You are amazing!


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